Fabrica releases are now available at the following retail locations:
Academy Annex and Desert Island in our hometown of Brooklyn,NY; Armageddon Shop in Providence, RI; Red Onion Records in Washington, D.C..

If you know of any record stores/music shops/distros we sould attempt to get in touch with please let us know. We can’t stress enough how important independent record stores are to us both as a label and as record/music hunter gatherers. We’ve contacted a few independent distros as well but with little success, which is understandable since they probably have to deal with an avalanche of requests from many a small label such as ours. Any suggestions are more than welcome.

We’re down to the last few copies of the Luciernaga cassette, now with orange, red and tan thick card stock covers ( no more hand painted copies sorry). Only about 20 more copies before it’s gone, probably for good.

Up next is a limited edition (25 copies) 20+ min new Luciernaga, this time more focused on the guitar… probably the result of repeated hearings of Total’s “Here Time Is Space” LP, Oren Ambarchi, Glenn Branca, etc.. These will come packaged in linocut printed and hand stamped Brad Pak sleeves ( 18pt. brown 100% PCW recycled chipboard ).

Also, a Stymphalian Birds tape is in the works.