Fabrica Update: Summer 2011

Hi Folks,

We’re back from vacation and back to work on a busy release schedule for what remains of 2011.  We still have a few Fabrica cassettes available, but we’re down to just a few of each. We have two new releases coming soon, one is the recorded debut of the chilean psych-sound-collage ensemble A FULL COSMIC SOUND, and the other is a new release by ORBLESS, from Oakland, CA. We expect to have these available by the end of July.

I’ve been getting a lot of requests for mp3s of Fabrica releases and I have to say that, providing digital downloads for existing cassette releases kind of defeats the point of releasing the music in this format. We really don’t want to fall into the trap of becoming an online-only label. Some of the artists we work with perform live and tour, and they need/require hard-copy releases of their music.

Artists who decide to work with us are free to sell/post their mp3s online, they own their own music, but we also have a common understanding that it’s best to wait to do so until the cassette edition is sold out. When Fabrica was started, the point was to make and release music in a format that we enjoy and appreciate, we chose to do cassettes because, like vinyl, it forced the listener to be involved with the release, it’s a palpable and finite object that you need to pick up to play, it includes art/designs of the artists creation (insert, cassette imprinting). We believe this keeps the listener engaged and involved in the process. Of course it also helps that it’s an inexpensive format, easy to send via snail-mail, and we like the warmth of its sound. By no means are we anti-mp3, we’re not dinosaurs. We’re just not interested in making digital releases at this time, things may change in the future, but this is where we are now.

We will be releasing music on vinyl in the near future, but we are not under any illusions that we can afford to invest in releasing editions of 300-1000 when there is not yet any demand for such a large volume of the music we are releasing. So things will remain small, and humble, for now.

As a label, Fabrica relies solely on word-of-mouth and a few kindhearted individuals that decide to review our releases. We don’ send out large volumes of review copies or advanced promo copies, we don’t work with promoters or p.r. agents and we probably never will. We’d prefer people to discover this label and it’s artists because of the music, not through fabricated hype or because we know someone who knows someone who writes for a popular blog or music review website/magazine. This is the best way I can explain why things move so slowly around here and why we’re not in any rush to sell or provide mp3s of our releases. Thank you for your support.

You can always listen to sound samples online of our releases/artists at soundcloud.com/fabrica

Available Now:

Second release by one-man guitar noise/drone project. 40+ minutes of improvised guitar music/sounds. Limited edition of 30 cassettes on home-dubbed C-47 white shell cassettes packaged in lino-cut printed and hand stamped 18pt. brown 100% PCW recycled chipboard brad pack.

Listen to an excerpt here.

Get it here.

FAB004: STRNGLV Psychotropia C-30
“As the name suggests, STRNGLV’s Psychotropia is a highly trippy concoction of psychedelic electronic sounds set in a tropical jungle. The tape, released on a young Brooklyn label Fabrica Records, begins with a series of pulsing, sunlit drones descending from the canopy. The cassette insert lists an impressive list of both synthesizers and computer software. And for a good reason – the tape is amazingly multilayered and rich, almost pregnant with sound, existing more or less in the same dreamy equatorial headspace as High Wolf or Dolphins Into the Future. Psychotropia is scorching hot, well produced and incredibly trippy. ” Pro-dubbed edition of 50.

Read more reviews here.

Listen to an excerpt here.

Get it here – http://fabrica.bigcartel.com/product/strnglv-psychotropia-c-30

Distros/Traders please get in touch at fabricarecs@gmail.com

Coming soon on Fabrica:

Fantastic sound-collage psych weirdness from Santiago, Chile. Featuring current and former members of Chilean psych-ensembles La Banda’s and The Psychedelic Schafferson Jetplane

FAB008 ORBLESS tbd C-30
Orbless is the solo sonic explorations of Oakland CA based artist Collin McKelvey.

FAB010: FACTIONS 12″ Lathe-cut (pushed back to late 2011)
10-minute one-sided 12″ lathe of Factions doing it’s thing… dark synth/ambient. Limited edition of 30 w/lino-cut printed 12″ sleeve and insert.


- fabrica.bigcartel.com

ALVARIUS B Baroque Primitive CD+BOOK (Abduction): Awesome CD-Book (32 pages of erotic art) reissue of limited edition LP from this amazing Sun City Girls side-project. Lo-fi psych-pop (?), one of my personal favorites for 2011.

AMBARCHI, OREN & O’ROURKE,JIM Indeed LP : Presented as two side-long, electroacoustic explorations, what Ambarchi and O’Rourke proffer up here is also melodic and approachable, bringing to mind the warm post-minimalism of composers like Alvin Curran, David Behrman and Luciano Cilio.

AMBARCHI, OREN & AVENAIM, ROBBIE Dream Request LP: Bo Weavil presents a sublime duo recording from old sparring partners Oren Ambarchi and Robbie Avenaim, recorded live in Tel Aviv in 2009. This is a single edit of the performance which perfectly captures the chemistry between Robbie’s busy percussive maneuvers and Oren’s textural overlay.

BIANCHI, MAURIZIO Symphony for A Genocide LP (Weird Forest)
Awesome faithful re-issue limited to 500 copies of the original 1981 Sterile Records release, including hand-stamped labels and inserts. M.B., aka Maurizio Bianchi, has enjoyed a deserved renaissance in recent times as a new generation discovers his charred brand of industrial noise, particularly the artist’s formative early 80′s period before he disappeared in pursuit of religion.

CANTU-LEDESMA, JEFRE Shining Skull Breath LP (SOD)
Originally released in 2007 as part of a limited run CDR series, Shining Skull Breath finds Cantu mining similarly rich sonic territory with enchanting results. Throughout the album he submerges delicate, drifting guitar passages in constantly shifting webs of sound, creating buried melodies which snake and hover through a haze of tape noise.

CARTER, CHRIS The Spaces Between LP – Early solo recordings of Throbbing Gristle/Chris & Cosey member, awesome.

CELESTIIAL Desolate North LP (Handmade Birds)
First time on vinyl, first and only repressing of this underground milestone since the original sold out nearly 4 years ago in 2007. Celestiial is known for making use of numerous instruments in its music, combining traditional folk instruments as well as more modern ones, as well as sampling the sounds of the natural world. The result emanates a telluric, droning pulse of rich textures and inescapable beauty…. There is something incredibly special about the music of Celestiial — something that can be appreciated equally by fans of Grouper and fans of Agalloch.

CHAPMAN, MICHAEL The Resurrection And Revenge Of The Clayton Peacock LP (Ecstatic Peace)
Michael Chapman, one of the finest acoustic guitar innovators borne of the late ’70s UK folk scene, was in Philadelphia early 2010, paying tribute to his good friend, the late Jack Rose, a mighty six-string alchemist in his own right, and a youngster wholly inspired by Chapman’s critical recordings. The Resurrection And Revenge Of The Clayton Peacock, two sides of unbroken, idiosyncratic guitar improvisation that moves from neck-tapping harmonics into effects pedal kosmische into distinctly strange tone huzz. An odd and lovely, momentous session. Limited edition of 500 copies, each hand-numbered with silver ink.

2011 reissue of this landmark 1980 solo album by Harald Grosskopf, the enigmatic percussionist behind Ash Ra Tempel, Klaus Schulze, and Cosmic Jokers. A melodically rich synth driven symbiosis of Krautrock, Komische and New Age. Armed with a MiniMoog and Revox reel-to-reel, Grosskopf set off for the West German countryside that fall and isolated himself in a home studio for almost two months to record Synthesist. The temperamental analog synthesizer and sequencing technology created a long learning curve eventually resulting in a harmonious union of man and machine. Restored and remastered with detailed liner notes. Includes a bonus CD featuring reinterpretations of “Synthesist” by Oneohtrix Point Never, Blondes, Arp, CFCF, Stellar Om Source, James Ferraro, and more.

HONIG, EZEKIEL Folding In On Itself LP (Type)
Describing the music of Ezekiel Honig is never easy. It’s related to techno, but the pulsing 4/4 beats are pushed so far into the background that they simply become another texture in the sprawling ambience. And that doesn’t mean to say the music is “ambient” either — the structures are far deeper than the musical wallpaper that achieves that label right now. New York-based Honig’s Type debut Folding In On Itself doesn’t make his music any easier to describe but does a lot to clarify the mood. This is deeply melancholy music, and while it doesn’t revel in sadness, it conveys a sense that the things we grew up with and see disappear can never be recaptured.

HOTOTOGISU Pale Fatal Sister 2xLP (Important Recs)
Limited edition of 700 copies. Double LP pressing housed in a gatefold jacket. Being a Nabokovian and visceral garden of delights, a musical evocation of memory and desire spread over four sides of vinyl. The sound is conjured forth from dark wells to be birthed, twisting and screaming in silver winds. Recorded at Black Dirt Studios, over an intensive three-day period of hermetic isolation, while snow blanketed the surrounding fields, this work is both more detailed and conjures a heavier, more brooding occult atmosphere and sound, than any previous Hototogisu release.” Hototogisu are Matthew Bower (Skullflower, Total) and Marcia Basset (Double Leopards, Purple Haze)

NZ minimalist burned-out atmospherics meet DC wintery soundstreams. RST presents a humid and base drone, stripped of all excess and covered in rust. The track is an exploration of deduction, but the solid and indestructible frame will mystify and keep you listening. RST has had releases on Corpus Hermeticum, Ecstatic Peace, Last Visible Dog, and others. Insect Factory’s side presents a dream of floating keyboard and guitar sounds, slowly raining notes until the whole thing is covered in sonic precipitation. This is Insect Factory’s first proper release since the 2008 Terrastock festival, and precedes the upcoming summer full-length.

ISA CHRIST/CRUUDECUES Human Error 7″ – This vicious little bit of vinyl offers a meditation on the different variations of harsh sounds, as Isa Christ and Cruudeuces each get a side of this 7″ to drop their own disquisition on the subject.

KOSUGI, TAKESHI Catch Wave LP (Phoenix) – 1970’s solo LP by one of the founding members of Japanese anarchist-improvisation ensemble Group Ongaku. Catch Wave (1975) is an absolute progressive masterpiece, bringing Takehisa Kosugi’s musical talent to territories usually reserved for kosmic Krautrock. 180 gram vinyl, housed in a gatefold sleeve. Numbered edition of 1,000.

MCGUIRE, MARK Solo Acoustic Volume Two LP (VDSQ)
2011 repress, originally released 2009. Melodic instrumental ballads and new songs from Emeralds guitarist spark new innovations and memories thought to be lost. One third of the drone masters Emeralds.

OLIVEROS & REYNOLS, PAULINE - The Minexcio Connection: Live! At The Rosendale Cafe LP (Roaratorio)
One of the most unexpected yet fruitful partnerships of recent years: in the mid-1990s, Pauline Oliveros, electronic music pioneer and sage of the environmental drone, began working with Reynols, the prolific and resolutely undefinable Argentinian group. Their first joint effort sent Oliveros’ music through the rigours of Reynols’ heavily processed studio treatments; The Minexcio Connection: Live! At The Rosendale Cafe finds them collaborating on-stage in real time. Recorded in August 2000 during Reynols’ first trek through North America, they offered up a version of ‘Six For New Time’ (originally composed by Oliveros for Sonic Youth’s Goodbye 20th Century LP), along with idiosyncratic throat-singing and hypnotic dream/dronescapes.

QLUSTER Fragen LP – New LP by this new incarnation of Kluster/Cluster.

RADIGUE, ELIANE Jouet Electronique/Elemental I LP
Highly recommended, and one of my personal favorites!
Alga Marghen proudly presents two sublime pieces by Eliane Radigue, ‘Jouet Electronique’ (1967) for feedback on magnetic tape and ‘Elemental I’ (1968) for feedback of natural sounds on magnetic tape. Both works, recorded at Pierre Henry’s Studio Apsome in Paris, have not been published before. Between 1967 and 1968, Eliane Radigue was the assistant of Pierre Henry in his studio, mainly for the editing of ‘L’Apocalypse de Jean.’

SKULLFLOWER The Paris Working/La Noche de Walpurgis C-100 (Cathartic Process)
Available again! The first edition of 100 hundred tapes sold out quickly. Having it out of print so quickly defeated the purpose of this release: making two excellent, yet hard-to-find full lengths easy to acquire and at an affordable price. This repress has B&W art, and is cheaper, too. In 2008 and 2009, Skullflower self-released two CD-r releases for short tours. “The Paris Working” features a nearly 50-minute live track featuring Lee Stokoe, Matthew Bower, Samantha Davies, and Stuart Dennison, performing live in Paris. “La Noche de Walpurgis” features 6 studio tracks in similar style to “Vile Veil” and “Circulus Vitiosus Deus.”


BIANCHI, MAURIZIO Endometrio LP – Vinyl reissue of the highly coveted classic LP by Italian noise composer/ sound visionary Maurizio Bianchi. Originally released in an extremely limited private press quantity in Italy in 1983, Endometrio showcased M.B. at his most crucial turning point, delving into the uncharted waters he aptly titled ‘bionic music’, blending organic electronics with contorted sounds of the human body. Complete with current liners and artwork insert from Maurizio Bianchi, limited to 500 hand numbered editions.

Split LP – Collaborative split LP between Barcelona, Spain’s C-Utter and Dead Peni from Zurich, Switzerland. Doomed-noise in a silk-screened black on black sleeve. Pretty evil, pretty limited.

C-UTTER Las Hijas del Paramo C-46 – New cassette from C-utter: Five ambient noise tracks armed politically to the teeth. C-utter are one of the best (if not the best) groups of Spain and in this tape you can hear it for yourself. Nick Blinko-tribute j-card-cover printed in black and white on sketch paper. Rusted-blood spray- painted cassette.

EMERALDS Does it Look Like I’m Here 2xLP – This is the third official album by Emeralds  and once again, it presents another radical new direction for this Cleveland trio. It sees the group moving from playing single oscillator analog synthesizers to really complex analog and analog/digital hybrids as well as a great deal of guitar synthesizers, not to mention fine-tuning their skills as brilliant tunesmiths.

EMERALDS What Happened LP – One of my favorite releases of 2010. If you don’t know who Emeralds are by now, this is a good place to start. Komische-inspired synth+guitar jams recorded during 2007-2008.

GROSSKOPF, HARALD Synthesist LP+CD – Beautiful reissue of this 1980 album originally released on Sky Records. Haunting and melancholy synth driven krautrock/komische from former Ash Ra Temple percussionist Harald Grosskopf. CD includes re-interpretations of “Synthesist” by Stellar Om Source, Oneohtrix Point Never, etc.. By the way, I’m seeing him play tonight in NYC w/ Emeralds. Awesome!

PULSE EMITTER Spiritual Vistas LP – Incomparable new full-length from Daryl Groetsch’s Pulse Emitter project. The profound development of Daryl’s music is more and more apparent with each release, from the crackly, hollow modular nightmares of his early sides to the heartbreakingly beautiful tonal architecture of Spiritual Vistas, each key and each turn of a knob is a giant stride for the genre as a whole. Bringing to mind some mid-period David Borden at times, or Vangelis’ Blade Runner score, this is truly transcendental, emotive music. No joke, Pulse Emitter solidifies itself as the best of the best with this colossal album.

TOTAL Here, Time Is Space 2xLP – Beautiful 2xLP on Majora (Sun City Girls) from 1994, blistering multi-layered guitar noise-based compositions from Matthew Bower (Skullflower/Ramleh).

V/A Folk and Pop Sounds of Sumatra LP – The style selections on this limited edition full-color gatefold LP include forms of droning beat pop, early Orkes Melayu songs, Batak Tapanuli, traditional Minang music, and folk drama soundtracks heard by only a handful of outsiders. The recordings are from old cassette tapes; decaying documents of various sound qualities containing some of the most eccentric artifacts ever uncovered from this fascinating island. Assembled and compiled by Alan Bishop (Sun City Girls) in July of 1989. (Sublime Frequencies)

V/A Princess Nicotine: Folk and Pop Sounds of Myanmar LP – Here are some of the greatest names from the past 50 years of Burmese musical history from the original recordings featuring Mar Mar Aye, Bo Sein, and the incomparable Tonte Theintan. Listen, and be amazed! Compiled by Alan Bishop (Sun City Girls) in 1993 and originally released on Majora Records (LP/1994). (Sublime Frequencies)

New (Impulse) Release

FAB007 LUCIERNAGA  s/t  C-47

This is a total “impulse” release, and was mostly recorded over Memorial Day Weekend.  40+ minutes of improvised guitar music/soundscapes.

Side A is subtle, calm and introspective while Side B is dark, angry and annoying. Very reflective of Joao Da Silva’s (Luciernaga) gemini-affected split-personality. Luciernaga is usually a one-man operation, but  two of the tracks on Side A include additional improvised guitar by Mr. Ivan Daguer (of Pastabase Records (Psychedelic Schafferson Jetplane/La Banda’s) recorded during improvised jams in November of 2010.

This is a one-time (yes, limited) edition of 30 cassettes on home-dubbed C-47 white shell cassettes packaged in lino-cut printed and hand stamped 18pt. brown 100% PCW recycled chipboard brad pack.

Get it here.