Fabrica Records Sampler – Podcast

Sean Keane (STRNGLV) recently contributed a Fabrica-themed guest podcast to radio-alternator.com. You can listen to tracks and excerpt from recent and upcoming Fabrica releases  here.

1. Factions – „Haze” from Cold Light Emissions cassette FAB003
2. Earthmasters – „New House” from Dwellings cassette FAB009
3. A Full Cosmic Sound – „Mediacion” FAB006
4. Covered in Diamonds and Jewels – „Sauntering Past Shackled Wedding Bands” FAB002
5. STRNGLV – „Standby…” from Psychotropia cassette FAB004
6. Orbless – „Oram Bell” from Spinning Liquid Mirror cassette FAB008
7. Luciernaga – „Fuente” FAB007
8. ADRIAN VARALLYAY – „Peeling Plaster Never Seemed so Sweet” (excerpt from unreleased demo)
9. Arid Hunter – Excerpt from the digital album Arid Hunter (aridhunter.bandcamp.com)
10. STRNGLV – „An Optimistic Apocalypse” (excerpt from upcoming split tape with Adrian Varallyay) FAB011

In Progress…

Now in production are two new upcoming Fabrica Releases. One is a new recording from Vancouver, WA’s own BRIZBOMB and the other is a split cassette  of new music by STRNGLV and ADRIANVARALLYAY (aka COVERED IN DIAMONDS AND JEWELS). We expect these to become available in early November. Both releases will be professionally dubbed on high-bias chrome cassettes.

Also in the works is a limited edition split 90 minute cassette of new recordings by INSECT FACTORY and LUCIERNAGA, expect some cool/unusual packaging for that one. This is one will serve as a preview of sorts for the upcoming INSECT FACTORY full length LP coming out on FABRICA/INSECT FIELDS this winter. Speaking of INSECT FACTORY, we have copies of the split 7″ with RST at the Fabrica Store.

On the Distro/Store front… we’re scaling it down to focus more on the label, but we will still try to stock interesting and cool releases by other labels when possible.

Right now we are offering 15% off all orders of 2 items or more, all you need to do is enter “CLEANUP2011” when you checkout. Help us clear up space in our tiny cramped apt. and help us continue to fund our label while you’re at it.

Thank you.


Le Fabrique