Listed below, in alphabetical order, are some of the artists we’ve worked or released music with.

A Full Cosmic Sound (AFCS) is a constantly rotating improvisational ensemble from Santiago, Chile.The inspiration to form AFCS was born during the equatorial summer of 2007 in Carlos Barbosa, Brazil after Alvaro Daguer (a frequent collaborator of Chilean psych-jammers La Banda’s), Felipe Mantovani and Clovis Barbosa (both members of the experimental/dub franco-brazilian project Du O des Etoiles) shared a casual psychoactive-inspired UFO sighting.Since then, and with varying lineups, AFCS has been a natural and spontaneous union of bodies and souls on a cosmic trip.
Sounds –

BRIZBOMB is one human and a rack. No computer, no keyboards, no sequencing, no samples, no pre-recorded material, no stringed instruments are ever used. All tracks are recorded live direct with no edits or overdubs. All audio / video and recording devices are in one self contained 1.8 meter tall, 147 kilo (5’10″, 325+ pound) rack.
Website –

CIDJ is one of the many aliases of Adrian Varallyay, an experimental musician who resides in the Bushwick neighborhood of Brooklyn, NY. He has also performed as Stymphalian Birds, Silver Serpents and with the DC/VA post-rock trio Brontosaurus. Although his main instrument of choice is the bass guitar, Adrian owns and uses one of the largest collections of analog effect pedals and stomp-boxes known to mankind to treat field recordings, vocals, steel pipes, his heartbeat, etc..

EarthMaster’s compositions and improvisations produce submerged and cavernous sound environments. Heavily influenced by psych, drone, and slowed down 80′s new wave, EarthMasters taps into zonked out lo-fi psych pop, ritualistic chanting, and lush synth/vocal drones to create an ethereal soundscape.
Sounds –

Mysterious-guy synth/ambient/drone project from the depths of the Gowanus Canal. Like the mythical cosmic entity Cthulhu, no one quite knows who or what FACTIONS is. The music just shows up and we release it.
Sounds –

Insect Factory is music from Silver Spring, MD musician Jeff Barsky. Insect Factory
generally focuses on texture and mood, building layers of sound that slowly evolve into hypnotic and atmospheric drones.
Since the 90′s, Barsky has continuously played in bands and improvisational collectives, and has performed frequently in the eastern U.S., throughout Europe, Japan, and in Canada. His first proper release, “Air Traffic Control Sleep”, was released on Insect Fields in the late summer of 2007, to acclaim from the Washington Post, the Wire, and Terrascope.
Insect Factory has performed at Suoni Il Per Popolo festival in Montreal, Terrastock 7 in Louisville, KY, and will be a part of DC’s yearly Sonic Circuits festival again in 2011. Barsky’s various projects have collaborated with the likes of bass player Joe Lally, avanttrumpeter Forbes Graham (formerly of Tzadik’s Kayo Dot), and members of Bardo Pond, and Insect Factory has shared the stage with acts such as Richard Pinhas, Nels Cline, and Acid Mothers Temple.
Insect Factory recently released a split 7″ with RST (New Zealand), and will release a new full length in summer 2011.
Website –
Sounds –

Is one of the mania aliases of Joao Da Silva, founder of Fabrica Records. Originally from Santiago, Chile and Recife, Brazil he’s been involved in underground music since the tender age of 13. He started making home-recordings of prepared guitar, voices, found sounds, and field recordings in his late teens without giving it much thought. He now has the guts to actually show the crap he records at home and enjoys, much to the dismay of his friends and loved ones.

Orbless is the solo sonic explorations of Oakland, CA based artist Collin McKelvey.
Website –
Sounds –
Videos –

STRNGLV (pronounced StrangeLove) fancies himself a collagist in all forms of creation. Using heavy analog and computer processing, STRNGLV strives to create a sonic environment that transports the listener into a beautiful barrage of sound with guitars, acoustic and electronic drums, keyboards, samplers, tape loops, and custom electronics. Originally working with visual and video art, STRNGLV wants to take the styles he has developed with visuals and bring them to sound. “Psychedelic chaotic mish-mash from the mind of STRNGLV, reviving old photos, postcards, cardboard, and practically anything he can get his hands on, fusing them with the vibrancy of color” - Chris Kaplan (artist)
STRNGLV Communiques –
Sounds –

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