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Fabrica Records is pleased to announce two new releases now available to pre-order/order.

The first, is a limited edition on vinyl of “Playing With Light” by UNICORN (W.T. Nelson of Man Is The Bastard/Charred Remains/Bastard Noise’s solo ambient/experimental project) which was originally issued over a decade ago on a limited edition compact disc. Now rearranged and remastered for vinyl, “Playing With Light” consists of beautiful and sinister compositions created on rhodes piano, electric mandocello, various trogotronics prototypes and field recordings.

The second, is a limited edition CD compiling music that was previously only available on limited edition cassettes by Brooklyn-by-way-of-Santiago, Chile experimental musician LUCIERNAGA. From harsh guitar feedback drones, ominous textures, voice loops, meditative tibetan singing bowl-generated tones to cold and hazy synth soundscapes, this collections spans 8-years of work.

Both are now available to order, and will begin shipping on or before 2/14/2014.

UNICORN Playing With Light LP (FABREC031)


Issued a decade ago as a CD on Housepig, Unicorn’s beautiful and sinister album “Playing With Light” is re-introduced to listeners as a rearranged and remastered LP. Unicorn is WT Nelson, known previously as party to 90s avant-hardcore outfit Man is the Bastard and its spawn, the prolific Bastard Noise. “Playing With Light” features three tracks originally prepared to accompany short films by Stephanie Miller, and, interspersed with standalone compositions, works cohesively to limn a world where the alien oscilloscapes of Bastard Noise merge with earthy synths and electric mandocello. The album opens with a transfixing music box motif that wouldn’t be out of place ushering in the opening credits of a vintage thriller. In “Spots,” the 10-minute centerpiece track, a mostly unaccompanied synth melody uses syncopation to create the impression of stumbling through darkness. “Clay & Fire” threatens to burst into full-bore power electronics territory but doesn’t; the narration we hear is not a transgressive confession but instead a factory worker’s discovery of pottery as a respite from his labor. From there the record offers an electronic crescendo before resolving in the almost-comforting “Far Away; Close To You,” which trails off in Morse code blips clearly transmitted but only possibly received. “Playing With Light” is unique in Nelson’s discography and is entirely deserving of this vinyl reincarnation. “Rhodes, Electric Mandocello, Various Trogotronic Electronic / Electro Acoustics Prototypes & Field Recordings.”
Mastered by Timothy Stollenwerk and presented in an edition of 250 copies with download code.

LUCIERNAGA Collected Works 2008-2013 CD (FABCD005)

Luciernaga is the experimental ambient/noise project of Fabrica Records founder and co-owner Joao Da Silva. Luciernaga’s music has been described as more surreal than ethereal, dark and foreboding yet hopeful. Luciernaga tends to bypass melody in favor of complex layers of sounds and textures created through processed field recordings, treated acoustic/electric guitar, buddha machine, tibetan signing bowl, shruti box, mbira and voice.Fabrica Records was born in 2010 in the Gowanus section of Brooklyn, NY with the release of “Life Passes Away Like Idle Chatter” by Luciernaga. A limited edition of 100 home-dubbed 44 minute long cassettes, with hand-painted covers (including an excerpt from an Octavio Paz poem on the flap) and labels, containing a collection of field recordings, tape loops, treated acoustic and electric guitar, synth drones, and sampled dialogues from a documentary on the history of U.S. interventions in Latin America recorded over a 2-year period. “Collected Works” includes compositions selected from the first four and now out-of-print Luciernaga cassettes plus unreleased material. The photographs used to decorate the insert and tray card of the CD were taken around the Gowanus neighborhood the day after Superstorm Sandy and serve as a tribute to the section of Brooklyn where both Fabrica and Luciernaga were born.

CD Edition of 100, mastered by Eric Hardiman (Rambutan/Tape Drift)

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First of all THANK YOU! … 2013 is coming to an end, and it was a great year for us. We were honored and humbled by the opportunity to release amazing music by ROBERT TURMAN, RAMBUTAN, AERONAUT, CULVER, PUBLIC SPEAKING, A FULL COSMIC SOUND. We are also extremely grateful to everyone out there who supported the label, booked a show, lent a floor to and fed touring artists around the country.

To celebrate, we’re offering all current LP releases on sale until 12/29. The online shop will be closed from 12/30 to 1/13. We will continue to take orders and mail until Monday 12/30. After that, we’ll accept orders, but nothing will be mailed until after 1/13.

If you’d been waiting to pick up LPs by Culver, Rambutan, Public Speaking, Robert Turman or Insect Factory, now is your chance to do so at a discount!

Thank you for your support and Happy New Year!

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FAB032  DANE PATTERSON  Ghosting  Cassette
FABREC031 UNICORN  Playing With Light  LP
FAB026  RODMAN MELCHIOR  Melchior Rodman  Cassette
FABCD005  LUCIERNAGA  “Collected Works: 2008-2013”  CD

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New Online Shop + Warehouse Finds

Hi Folks,


So, the distro folded. A very big “thank you” to everyone who placed orders and helped clear a lot of the distro stock during its last two weeks of existence. We’re now simply going to focus on promoting and selling Fabrica releases and the occasional “friends of the label”-related releases.

Visit the new online shop here –

In other news, while doing a clean up and sorting out the distro stuff we ran into a few stray copies of out of print Fabrica cassette releases. We’ve just listed them in the shop, there’s only 1 or 2 each of:earthmasters_layout

STRNGLV  Psychotropia  C-30  (FAB004)
EARTHMASTERS Dwellings C-20 (FAB009)
DEREK ROGERS Hex Illumination C-30 (FAB014)


We’re also working on a new website and our 2014 schedule of releases, expect some awesome news very soon.

Thank you!

Closing the Distro/Shop

Feeling a bit schizoid as of late. One day I’m super excited about new music making its way to my ears and in planning future label releases, and the next I want to just throw everything out the window. The business/promotional end of things is something I just can’t keep up with, having a day job is definitely part of it but also my inability to “sell” and to behave like a cop towards folks who o…we us money. So in that spirit, Fabrica Online Distro will be no more as of December 2013.

I’m closing it down. So get what you can from the shop before December 1. We will only sell label releases which from now on will be in very limited editions ranging from 100 to 300. This will also mean a much smaller and infrequent output. This of course will only serve as a test for 2014, if things continue to drag on the label will simply come to an end. Fabrica is a labor of love and not a profit-making venture, but there comes a point where losing money is just an unsustainable model. Thank you all for your support.
In the spirit of saying goodbye to the distro, order 3 items or more and get 15% off your total, just use the discount code: ByeByeDistro when you check out. Sale ends at 12:00 am on December 1, 2013.
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Fabrica Records 2013: Part 3

New on Fabrica Records:

Culver LPFABREC030 CULVER Gateshead Graves LP
In the crowded field of guitar droneworks, UK musician Lee Stokoe could be said to be hidden in plain sight. For two decades, his solo project Culver and in-house tape label Matching Head have produced a consistent stream of releases without approaching anything near household-name status. This is due in part to a workmanlike, low-profile approach to recording and releasing music, despite time served in the mighty Skullflower. And then there’s the music itself: unpolished, unsettling, a history of textures divorced from any linear notions of progress. Prolific as Culver has been, “Gateshead Graves” marks only the third instance of Lee filling 24 inches of grooved real estate on his own (after the obscure “Route of Aesthetic” lathe cut and the oddly elusive “Dead Winter Blood” LP). It features two side-long tracks that put the listener first in the hold of a ship bound nowhere good and then in an aircraft headed in roughly the same direction. Volume and isolation recommended for an appropriately immersive experience.

Mastered by Timothy Stollenwerk at Stereophonic Mastering (Grouper, Sublime Frequencies, Mississippi Records).

Limited edition of 200 on black vinyl with hand-numbered insert.

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