3 New CS on Fabrica

Available now for sale! All 3 are pro-dubbed on high-bias chrome, come in tinted colored shells, and are limited to 50 each. All are available in the Fabrica store at -  http://fabrica.bigcartel.com

FAB016 – LAZURITE  s/t  C-36
Fluorescent night dystopian city music.
This is the second full-length release by hyperactive Brooklyn-based experimental musician and visual artist Megan Moncrief. Her first release was a self-produced, self-packaged (each cassette was hand-painted and was one of a kind) cassette whose eerie ambient sounds captured our imaginations. A message offering to release more of her music was promptly sent via the world wide web. Lucky for us, she accepted, and now we are able to offer 36 minutes of amazing new sounds extracted from the ukelin, synths, drum machines, medicine balls, drums and voice processed through a diverse link of effect pedals.
Edition of 50 pro-dubbed high-bias chrome cassette.  Buy Here

FAB018 – SOUND OUT LIGHT  Bloom  C-30
Music like the sound of a power generator in the middle of a vast desert where the escaping ions affect the landscape, creating unusual lifeforms that grow out of the cracked ceramic floor after an acid-rain storm. Sound Out Light is David Doyen on digital synth.
Edition of 50 pro-dubbed high-bias chrome cassette. Buy Here

FAB019 – HAKOBUNE  The Still Life of Reverie  C-32
Hakobune aka Takahiro Yorifuji uses layers of guitar to create meditative hypnotic sonic landscapes. We are very proud of this release. Yorifuji is from a small town in Hyogo, Japan and currently resides in Tokyo.Edition of 50 pro-dubbed high-bias chrome cassette. Buy Here

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FAB016 LAZURITE s/t Cassette
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FAB019 HAKOBUNE The Still Life of Reverie Cassette
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FAB021 AERONAUT Coronal Mass Cassette
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