Fabrica Records is NO LONGER on an indefinite hiatus. We will be returning with new releases in the Fall of 2015. No exact release dates or details yet (more of that soon). Fabrica will, from now on exclusively be limited to LP, CD and digital releases, all limited edition cassette releases will take place through our partner label Idle Chatter. Idle Chatter’s first release was the now out-of-print Luciernaga “Tile” cassette.

Idle Chatter will focus on releasing limited edition works on cassettes with hand-made packaging and each series (or batch) will be curated by a different guest artist. We are also working on a printed zine which will hopefully be issued and printed 3 times a year. The official “first” issue (really, it would be #2 since the first issue was the zine included with the first 100 copies of Robert Turman “Beyond Painting” 2xLP) should become availale in June 2015 and will be available from our online shop, which by the way is still open. You can still place orders for our in-stock releases, we’re still going to post office to send out orders.

Also, our official website is now and will forever be at http://www.fabricarecords.com.